Monday, 5 August 2013

Adult Learning Awards

You would think that at an educational establishment, the summer would be a quiet and relaxed time to work for a Graphic Designer. If you think this you are severely mistaken, it's easily the busiest time of year for me because since all the students are out we have to prepare for the fresher's fayre, enrolment the list goes on...

Here is a small job which I felt particularly proud about during this busy time.

These are invitations for the Adult Learning Awards 2013, given to HE students who have constantly show tremendous effort and progress during the time on their course.

Congratulations to anyone who receives your invitation, these are exclusive to you for your hard work and effort. We hope you attend.

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Tuesday, 2 July 2013


In the period of last week I recieved my result that I have achieved my Ba(Hons) In Graphic Design, which I am thrilled about.
Co-incidently Stockton Riverside College asked me to quickly design graphics to advertise the SRC Students own results day. This one below was advertised over facebook and twitter - @srcinfo
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Monday, 24 June 2013

Telam Vexilla

Seems like I still do know a little Latin - 'Telam Vexilla' - Latin for 'web banners'
Exactly what I have to show today, two in fact
The first promoting our July Fast Forward event which is a brilliant opportunity to give potential students on-the-spot interviews to enrol on to Stockton Riverside College.
The second is a banner advertising 'Free Maths and English courses' right here at SRC.
Seriously.. I swear this isn't all they employ me for. You can see both of these web banners right now on the college website -
Keep an eye out for the Herald & Post Free newspaper in the coming weeks. Full page advertisement wrap for SRC College designed by me.
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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Something a little different

Finally got my hands on one of the little giveaways that the Marketing Department & Information and guidance decided would be a suitable little incentive to give to potential female students looking to study at Stockton Riverside College. I have little interest in mirrors or personal vanity but designing graphics for a small compact mirror is something I've never done before. If at the very least, its a nice little addition to the SRC section of my portfolio.

This 15 minute deadline was given with the specifications of including the brand colour palette, college logo, a quote, the telephone number and a simple floral design to aim it towards females.

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Friday, 14 June 2013

Figure out your future!

Busy times at Stockton Riverside College, we have designs going out for an Evening Gazette advertisements which will be in the paper in the coming weeks. I was asked to design the logo brand of the new campaign name - Figure out your future. This has so far gone through 2-3 different designs before the Marketing team sent the design off.

These are two of the logo designs which didnt make the cut.

Personally I am rather proud of these designs, I think they communicate well to teenagers, the top design is eyecatching, colourful and unusal for my usual style. The second is influenced by popular Tees Valley Night Club & teenage venues graphics - like Sumo, Hulk and Mink Rocks. But the problem with these two branding ideas was to make them work on printing with newspapers. The design we chose was more suitable for that hence why these two didnt make the cut.
Keep a look out for the advert in the upcoming Evening Gazette's!
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Thursday, 6 June 2013

SRC: Life

If theres one that builds nostalgia while being back working at Stockton Riverside College, its rummaging through the marketing cupboard through old prints and merchandise which wasn't given out, spares you might call them, and coming across a design I was really proud of when I worked at SRC a year ago.

This was a business card sized design which helped to promote the colleges' student newsletter - SRC: Life. Which I also used to design through an email service called DotMailer.

It's purpose was to promote the newsletter while at the same time promote the students using social media to keep up to date with events in the college. A year on and the college has really improved (and still is) on communicating through social media. I'd like to think that this card was the seed that planted that trend within the marketing but it wont have been the very first social media marketing technique used.

Designs shown are the front & back designs of the card.

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Friday, 31 May 2013

Web Banners G'alore!

Typical days, typical design jobs at Stockton Riverside College

Some more web banner designs are up on the SRC website now

I swear this is not all that I produce for them!


These are the ALG & HE Prospectus web banners. Simple, readable, and it does the job. The photos used are relatable to the images on the real-printed prospectus'. The designs for these Prospectus's were done while I was in York and not employed by the college.

More designs to come when I get more interesting jobs but this should suffice for now.

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